Home Buildings & Contents Insurance

Home Buildings & Contents Insurance

Home buildings & contents insurance is offered by numerous insurance companies and can be arranged through various outlets such as direct with the insurance company, on the internet or through an insurance broker. As the cost of providing such cover varies between insurance companies it is worth getting a number of insurance quotes.


Buildings insurance covers damage to your home including your patio. walls and drive caused by such things as fire, subsidence, theft, storm and flood.

In the event of you needing to move out of your home until the repairs are completed insurance cover is provided for hotel accommodation.

Damage due to burst pipes is covered within a home buildings & contents insurance policy.

Surveyors, architects and legal fees are insured following damage to your home.

Your garage and garden shed are covered.

Permanent fittings such as kitchen units, wardrobes in the bedrooms and bathroom fixtures are insured by your home buildings insurance policy.


Contents insurance covers such things as theft of jewellery, paintings, tv, computer and other personal belongings in the home and outbuildings.

In the event of a fire or flood in the home your contents, such as your furniture and floor coverings, are insured should they be damaged usually on a new for old basis.

It is pleasing to note that your home contents insurance policy provides cover in the event of vandalism.

If you include accidental damage cover your contents are insured should you, for example, spill a tin of paint on your carpet or your furnishings.

Contents in the garden and the theft of monies from your home are covered by your home contents insurance policy.

If you include personal belongings insurance in your policy then, should you damage or have your camera stolen whilst it is away from your home, the policy will pay out.

The contents in your freezer are covered.

A home buildings & contents insurance policy has other options such as cover for pedal cycles and legal protection insurance for your family.

You must study the policy conditions for the home buildings & contents insurance policy as there are a number of exclusions, excesses and limits on the amount of cover provided for certain items.

Premiums are usually payable by direct debit either on a monthly or annual basis-if you pay monthly then a number of insurance companies who provide home buildings & contents insurance charge more than if you pay annually.

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